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About Vertex:
“Vertex is an audio-robotic performance created in 2013-2015 by Jean Piché and Patrick Saint-Denis. The project is based on an electromechanical device consisting of a 16 robotic loudspeaker array based on the principle of the Leslie speaker. Each speaker has a drive system to move it up, down and rotate along a vertical axis of around 3 meters high. The device is manipulated live through an assembly of custom software components.
Both kinetic sculpture and music interface, this augmented acousmonium influences directly on the audio composition. The matrix aspect of the device favours mass movements, textures and highlights a set of symbolic resonances close to mass phenomena observed in nature. The movement of bird murmurations and fish schools, or the complex behavior of mechanical energy dissipating in various media such as surface tension for example, are among the evocations due to the device’s physical appearance.” JP & PSD

About Patrick Saint-Dennis:
Patrick Saint-Denis is a composer working mainly in sound art and interactive scenography. His works range from video installation to large scale robotized machinery. He performs regularly in Montreal and abroad either in concert, exhibition or dance format. He his course lecturer of audiovisual composition and physical computing at University of Montreal since 2010.

About Jean Piche:

Jean Piché is a composer, visual artist, software designer and professor from Montréal. His current practice meshes moving images and music in a hybrid form often dubbed video music. Beginning in the early 1970s, he was one of the first Canadians to explore emerging digital audio technologies. He has produced works in every genre of electroacoustics, from mixed-instrumental and acousmatic to live-electronics and sound installations. His work aims for poetic expression beyond any avowed formalism and has been described as confounding, colourful and virtuosic.

For additional information about Vertex, please visit: http://www.patricksaintdenis.com/past/vertex/




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