Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts

Mobilize Our Music

  • Wynwood Art District 33127

As the major event of this year's Street: Festival of Electronic Music, Art and Performance, the Mobilize Our Music will be a geographically coordinated collaborative musical performance conceived by Juraj Kojs and organized by FETA. The piece will engage a number of choreographed musical entities (soloists, duos and groups) spread out as octopus tentacles throughout the Wynwood District from 7-11PM on December 2 and 3.

Each day, the musical forces will converge to a single location at 11PM, forming a parade that will crawl down the Wynwood area, set on fire by the Art Basel Fair. Distribution and mobility will become a social experiment and playground for performance-audience interaction. Stay tuned!

Participating artists include:

Margaret Lancaster

Troy Rogers

Frost Electronic Music Ensemble

Carlos Dominguez

Stefania Serafin

Juraj Kojs

Catalina von Wrangell

Hanah Davenport

and many more.



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